Home Valuation

How much is your home worth? Before you decide whether to sell your home and when to put it on the market, you need to know its value so that it can be appropriately priced. Even for buyers, knowing the home values in a neighborhood can help them decide if it's within their budget, whether it is a popular or diminishing neighborhood, and even whether a house they're looking at is priced fairly.

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How Home Value Is Determined

Determining home value is partly about your individual home and what it has to offer and partly about other factors in your neighborhood, such as the demand for homes, scarcity of available properties, nearness to amenities, and the prices of nearby properties.

The features of your home may make it worth more or less than other area properties. The value of your home depends on how it compares to similar properties in age, condition, amenities, lot size, and more.

Use A Professional For The Most Accurate Valuation

While you can find many computerized tools on the Internet to assess the value of your home, only an experienced real estate agent such as Kelly Schufelt can offer you the thorough assessment you need, based not just on comparables, but on the information you provide and our physical examination of the property.

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